Knof sensors are designed parametrically; almost any requirement can be met by adjusting the right design parameters. The possibilities are endless: from ultra-thin coin-like extra-sensitive buttons to barrels that will support a building. Here is an example that we used in our TriPO power meter:

  • Diameter: 18 mm
  • Disk thickness: 3 mm
    This excludes mounting features on top and bottom.
  • Top mount: M5 x 10 mm external thread
  • Bottom mount: M5 x 3 mm internal thread
  • Maximum push force: 600 N
  • Maximum pull force: 200 N
  • Minimum range: 1 N
    The range gets substantially better at higher push loads.
  • Misalignment error: 2% measuring range
    If bottom and top axis are not collinear, the error will not exceed 2%.

Mounting options

Whatever you want to measure and wherever you need to put your sensors, the idea is always simple: the sensor should either replace the current ‘dumb’ element or fit in, almost unnoticed. Here are some examples of different sensor shapes:


types-2Inner and outer thread: the screw used before is simply ‘extended’. The only difference is that it is now fastened into the sensor. Useful for sneakily upgrading your device with force measurement without it knowing.


Two inner threads: fasten anything to both sides and measure force between. The simplest option if there is access to both sides of your machine.

types-4 types-5

A dome on one side: effectively ignore all directions but pushing force on the dome. Useful for making scales.


From everything stated above, it should be obvious that there are virtually limitless possibilities. There is no way we could prepare for every single one of them – but we are prepared to make a sensor just for what you need.

Please contact us if you think we’ve got something you need.